Laura Burgess - Professional DJ


Hello, and CONGRATS on your engagement! I’m Laura. And I’d love to help you navigate through your wedding/reception.
I’ve been musically inclined my entire life. I started playing piano at age 4, clarinet at 11, guitar at 12, and both saxophone/drums at 16. My first band started performing shortly after.
I was born to DJ and perform in front of a crowd. My dad was a local DJ in Sarnia where I was born and raised. That’s right, I was raised by a professional DJ! There was always music playing at home, and thankfully my parents both liked a lot of different genres. I’ve had a lot of exposure to all genres throughout my life, and even took a few music classes at the University of Windsor to further develop my knowledge of certain genres spanning from big band stuff, to blues, to old country and bluegrass, to even opera and musical theatre.
Personally, I am currently in love with EDM and house music at the moment, and can’t wait to continue finding more gems from this musical style!
Back to my roots. I worked for my dad’s company in Sarnia doing weddings and other events since I was about 18 years old. That’s over 10 years of experience now! I’m very grateful for all the knowledge he imparted on me from his experience, which spans 37 years of professional DJing. This is how I know I will be able to help you have the wedding reception you’ve been planning forever.
I'm really looking forward to chatting with you both soon! Thank you so much for looking through my brochure.



1857 Larkin Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 4G7, Canada

(226) 246-2467

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